Artist Statement

The world is a crazy place, with an abundance of material for an illustrator and artist, like myself, to work with. I look deep into the important, yet seemingly simple, aspects of everyday life. My observations, analysis, and reflections nurture my inspirations. Inspired also by great masters of the art world such as Picasso, Matisse and Dali, I incorporate my contemporary touch to create “Paiva” stylized paintings.

My works of art are unique in the use of vibrant colours, eclectic surfaces and textures, as well as often surreal and abstract by nature. Many of my paintings depict multiple story lines which may not be apparent at first glance. One can perceive something new or unexpected with subsequent viewings of the piece.

The key ingredient to all my paintings is the use of colour to brighten the often dreary world we live in. Remember, life is short so you should always keep smiling.

Gary Paiva Biography

Illustrator and artist, Gary Paiva, was born and raised into a vibrant, artistic and culturally diverse Portuguese household in Toronto, Canada. His father was a landscape architect and his mother is a culinary master, who’s artistry with exquisite Portuguese dishes inspired much of Gary’s passion.

Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the early age of two and a half, Gary, years later having found his purpose, gravitated towards art. In 2001 Gary attended the Toronto School of Art to enrich his skills, focusing in illustration, and was fortunate to begin mentoring under well known illustrators such as Joe Fleming and Harvey Chan. Paiva, was also honoured with the inclusion into the Scarborough Arts Big Art Book – published in 2012.

Gary also devotes a portion of his time to graphic design, assisting as creative and sales director for a local marketing firm, and freelance illustrator & artist from his home studio in Mississauga, Canada.

Known for his unique and surreal Canadian-themed Christmas cards, Gary has now begun taking on a new venture as an urban fashion designer, and is currently creating a limited collection of baby and children’s apparel.  This collection will feature his surreal style, and inspirational reflection to celebrate the charm in every child and bring joy all around. Designs will launch summer 2017 exclusively under the Fundy brand.

Available for consultation of freelance illustration or marketing work, Gary would love to hear about your project.